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Hello 🙂 , Thank you for popping by Isifungo – follow your bliss.

My name is Keneiloe and I am extremely passionate about life, family, my career, business and everything that I do. Having a positive attitude towards everything is my mantra.

I am a PR babe by day, mom,  wife & blogger by night, entrepreneur atleast 5 hours on weekdays and all day on weekends, artist and so much more…
I started Isifungo as a hobby because I absolutely love the fact that I can document everything that I want to last forever,  taking photographs of all things I deem inspiring and sharing my experiences. Isifungo (An isiXhosa word) – Is a powerful word derived from my son’s name. It means promise, so I promise to give you good content that is good enough to read till  the end.
I am proud of my not so big of a space online and I hope what I share empowers you, entertains you and just makes you want more.
Please don’t hesitate to comment and share the love.
Contact me on ks.serongoane(at)gmail(dot)com or via my social media platforms:
Twitter: @kene_serong
Facebook: Isifungo
Instagram: @kene.serong


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Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica (God bless Africa) is the prayer all South Africans share when singing the national anthem. This prayer came to my mind as we celebrated Africa Day on 25 May and I feel these words carry so much life, light and prosperity.  The people of this beautiful continent have endured great hardships and … Continue reading Africa my first love

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